Omnicare Fire Telephone System

The fire telephone (Type A) outstation is one option of remote for the Omnicare loop-wired EVC system.

Fire telephones are used by fire officers and those responsible for the evacuation of a building during an emergency. They provide essential communication for those in control. When operated by opening the door of the enclosure, the person(s) managing the evacuation at the control panel can immediately see the location of the caller as this is indicated on the panel. The fire officer at the telephone point can relay the situation and confirm if that area is clear of personnel/public before moving to the next level/area.

Disabled refuge outstations for the Omnicare range come in a choice of styles – standard or Advance. Outstations (also known as ‘remotes’) on the Omnicare system are wired in a loop configuration.

The fire telephone is connected to the control panel in a loop circuit and can be included with disabled refuge outstations on the same panel, if these are required. As an option, the Omnicare system also has a combined outstation which includes both a fire telephone and a disabled refuge unit in the same enclosure.

Other outstations available include steward telephones and disabled toilet

Omnicare has been designed and built to meet BS9999:2008, BS5839-9:2011 and BS8300:2009 (for the disabled toilet alarm).

Omnicare fire telephones are powered from the ring
circuit and have the following features:

  • Red or stainless steel finish
  • Rugged red handset with ‘T-Coil’ hearing aid compatible earpiece and loudspeaker
  • Hands free use
  • Full duplex speech, digital audio
  • Door latch initiates call
  • Push catch or slot lockable door and/or beacon
  • Conference facility (via master control panel)
  • Surface mountable (optional flush mount bezel available)
  • Wired in a loop configuration using fire rated enhanced four-core

Another option you may be interested in is our COMBINED
REMOTE which features a disabled refuge remote and
a fire telephone in one housing.


We have been delighted with the outcome of this project. Our relationship with Baldwin Boxall’s team has ensured that the system was installed smoothly with no downtime whilst swapping from the old system to new, which was critical at such a vital site.

If we needed assistance from Baldwin Boxall their response time was extremely good and we were impressed with their engineers’ ability to come up with solutions when needed.

Stuart Nichols, Director,
Tri Management Ltd

Further information:

Please note: Stainless steel products are not intended for installation in
humid areas.

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