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    We install Secure video systems, a high-quality digital intercom system with many free extra features as standard, like a Smartphone app for iOS and Android.

    Our touchscreen video monitors are wired to the main system and have 2MP 1080P high-definition video images, and they also come with a whole range of functions as standard, including.

    Mute function

    Video recall to external panel

    Volume control

    Digital zoom

    Picture or video storage when a call is made (records and stores to inbuilt storage)

    Dvr function which detects motion (optional, need to add sd card to the monitor)

    MP3/4 Ringtones can be uploaded on an sd card and be used on the monitor

    The video monitors also have Wifi function, which can connect to the WiFi in each apartment and allow users to get video calls to a smartphone with a free app. The system also allows the user to have two-way digital speech and remote door unlocking. This is standard but doesn’t need to be used for the system to work as a stand-alone wired system.

    The SVS system is also one of the most secure intercom systems on the market; we use an internal unlock module which allows the lock wires to be placed inside the building away from the external panel. This stops anyone from tampering with the system and gaining access. This, along with password access and tamper circuits, keeps the system safe and reliable.

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