Baldwin Boxall – Omnicare Control Panel

The Omnicare EVC control panel for two-way communication with the outstations on the system.

BIM objects are available for Omnicare control panels and outstations, including the disabled toilet alarm system components. If you would like copies of these please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Omnicare is a LOOP wired addressable emergency voice communication system that allows disabled refuge, fire telephones, steward telephones and disabled toilet alarms to be connected to one panel.
Omnicare can be easily networked with the ability to add multiple control panels on a system. This enables local zone/area control with ‘gatehouse/management’ control on a master panel.

The control panel features an output for an external call indicator. This is designed for use in situations where the control panel is mounted in an unmanned area. Using this output, a remote indicator can be fitted in a location where it is visible/heard such as in a reception area. The output has a programmable delay feature so that calls answered at the panel are not relayed to the remote lamp/buzzer indicator.

Panel options include sizes from four-way up to 128-way and are supplied with the relevant batteries for backup should the mains power fail. Four-way up to 128-way versions of the control panel available, in either grey or stainless steel finish.

Omnicare has been designed and built to meet BS9999:2008, BS5839-9:2011 and BS8300:2009 (for the disabled toilet alarm).


  • Digital audio – full duplex or speech steered (remote dependent).
  • One master and multiple slaves can be networked on one system (panels are configured on installation).
  • Surface mountable or optional flush mounting with bezel.
  • Dedicated button control for each outstation with status LED indicators.
  • Lockable glazed door.
  • Remote units are connected to the master control panel in a loop configuration, using fire rated enhanced four-core cable. (OmniCare cabling & networking).
  • Fully monitored and battery backed (separate box to house batteries supplied with panels larger than 32-way).
  • The system is addressable via the remote units.

Product codes:

  • BVOC4M
  • BVOC8M
  • BVOC16M
  • BVOC16MS
  • BVOC32M
  • BVOC32MS
  • BVOC48
  • BVOC48S
  • BVOC64
  • BVOC64S
  • BVOC80
  • BVOC80S
  • BVOC96
  • BVOC96S
  • BVOC128
  • BVOC128S

Please note: Stainless steel products are not intended for installation in humid areas.

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